20000 Tickets for Canelo vs Chavez Have Been Sold

Golden Boy Promotions did a very good job in getting in the right person to face who. With Canelo and Chavez Jr. having to face off and settle everything in the ring, a lot of boxing fans embraced the fact that this fight is really going to happen. Critics after critics, a lot has been said to both fighters and it is a sell out as well since respective teams already voiced out their side that they are the best over their opponent.

canelo alvarez fight with chavez

However, the sad part of this fight is that it appears to be a business fight rather a bout between true fighters; Chavez Jr. and Canelo. This is how the boxing fans see it and it should be a fight or match that should be focused on the fighter’s abilities and their pride of the sport.

The fight is going to take place on a Mexican holiday that is on May 6 their Cinco de Mayo holiday. There were speculations as well that their rematch is already set to happen on September even before the match will start. The promoter of the fight seen potential in this fight so thy arranged already a rematch even if the fight started.

With that being said about a rematch, everything will still depend on the boxing fans’ reaction and need to have the fight on a rematch. The May 6 fight should sell and Golden Boy Promotions is hoping that the fight will be intense and gruesome. Chavez Jr. and Canelo should convince their fans and themselves as well that a rematch should happen in any case they are unsatisfied with the results of the fight.

On the same page, Oscar De la Hoya is careful about his planning about the fighters and how they are promoted. CEO of Golden Boy Promotions does not want to have Canelo to appear as an easy money fighter wherein he is matched with a fighter less superior than him. Oscar De la Hoya does not want to appear that he is cherry picking on fighters to match someone just because of the profit that they will be earning after the bout.

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Canelo vs Chavez
Canelo vs Chavez