The Battle of Mexico on Cinco de Mayo

Happening on May 6, unofficially dubbed as “The Battle of Mexico” will be focusing on two of the most sought after Mexican fighters today- Canelo Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. A Cinco de Mayo special, the battle will determine who the best Mexican boxer there is today.


Canelo vs Chavez has been long awaited by fans not only by Mexicans but, every boxing fan in the world. There have been rumors going around for quite some time for a showdown between the two. Now, with only less than a month left before the big night, both fighters are doing vigorous training and conditioning.

Chavez has already shredded some pounds to meet the catchweight at 164.5 pounds. Chavez, in some of his previous fights, admitted that he was overweight. He added that he was also not focused on winning before. Because of these, he promised himself that he will be his best self during the fight. So far, Chavez has seen improving during his training sessions.

Meanwhile, Canelo has added weight to reach the desired number. With the additional weight, he sees it positively and remarks it as additional power and strength.

“I hope he is ready,” Canelo stated. Canelo’s camp is a firm believer that Canelo will win it big. Canelo even predicted himself winning via KO. Canelo has been thankful for his whole team for making him feel stronger.

The catchweight plays a major factor for both boxers. Now with each training camp, it is expected that both have strategies on how to take advantage of the catchweight. Until the day of the fight, no one can actually tell who the real “King of Mexico” is. This is definitely an interesting fight!

If Canelo wins, it is fair enough to tag him as the king of boxing in Mexico. Also, everyone is exactly going to watch out for him fighting GGG. A Canelo vs Golovkin match is anticipated by most boxing fans.

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Canelo vs Chavez
Canelo vs Chavez