Big Boxing Fight on Cinco De Mayo on Box Nation

There will be an upcoming event happening on the 6th of May as BT Sports and BoxNation will be showcasing that will be one of the most anticipated brawl between two great fighters Chavez Jr. and Canelo finally meet in the ring.

A 12 rounder clash that will make Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena shatter with overwhelming fans as they want to witness a confrontation of Mexico’s best of the best fighters in history. With bragging titles and belts on their waist, this will definitely make a good turnaround of the history of boxing.

Started at a very young age and turned professional at the 15 years old, Canelo shocked the world and slowly made his way to the top of the food chain as there are a lot of contenders wanting him bad for a fight. Every fighter wants to defeat the best thus it is no surprise that they are eyeing for Canelo.

Chavez on the other hand together with his team are taking a different approach and strategy on how they could take down one of their toughest opponent. Cesar Chaves is known in Mexico to be one of the toughest and most highlighted fighter during his times thus puts a little pressure on his son Chavez Jr.

Time after time, both fighters gave their best and delivered what is expected of them, thus making it to the top of their respective divisions. Last December, Chavez Jr. almost made it through as he won by unanimous decision on the judges as he battled it with Domonik Britsch, a German national at his hometown. Canelo on the other hand performed with excellence as he was able to overthrow his undefeated opponent in a knockout, as Smith wasn’t able to secure his belt during the event.

All have been secured that all communications, the media and other promotional campaign to go out with Canelo and Chavez Jr.’s all out fight on May 6. All are excited for the match to happen as it will highlight the best fighters in the world were boxing fans will be feasting their eyes on the fighters.

Canelo vs Chavez
Canelo vs Chavez