Chavez Sr. Blasts Pintor on Commentary to Canelo Bout

Although the 6th of May is one of the most awaited day in boxing entertainment to happen, there are other behind the scenes that are happening that took the attention of every boxing fans and the media as well. Unwanted comments came flying from a known boxing legend Mr. “Lupe” Pintor which made Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. react to it. An initial reaction that any father would do just to protect his son’s standing and reputation although the commentary was about how highly Lupe appreciate and look-up Canelo’s skill and as a boxer.

A confident decision and prediction you might say on Canelo’s victory during their bout with Chavez Jr. is what Lupe felt and that Canelo as a fighter will dominate over Chavez Jr. With whatever Chavez Jr. have, his skill, power and stamina, Lupe is poised and assured everyone that it will not affect Canelo during the course of their battle. Weight wouldn’t even be a factor as it will not make any difference during the fight.

There has been a lot of debate between fighters on who will the best and will remain standing in the ring this May 6. Fighters are judged on how they react to the situation, their skill set, confidence, training, experience and persistence to win the title as well. Both fighters have their own story to tell and it is how the audience perceived each fighter’s story in their own understanding and logic. Canelo is a tough fighter, a contender, a belt holder a big dog in the division and with that comes his experience in the ring and the remembered fights that he have been through making him what he is right now. His career was established by hardwork and dedication to his craft in the ring. Chavez Jr. on the other hand has his own fair share of bouts in the ring as he as well slowly making his way to the top ropes facing tough opponents as well.

Their team, loved ones and fans have their own commentaries in each fighter may it be positive or negative. But one this is for sure, the Canelo and Chavez Jr. fight will be a sold out event. Chavez Sr. will bet on what he believes in that his son will rise up to the top preparing to knockout Canelo in the earliest round possible.

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Canelo vs Chavez
Canelo vs Chavez