Canelo vs Chavez Tickets

Canelo vs Chavez Tickets

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Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. are finally sealing rumors about a match between them and has made it official on May 6. The two are the most successful boxers in their home country today. As Mexicans, they are definitely going to put up a great fight to show who the best is.

Now that the fight is happening, fans are getting eager to secure Canelo vs Chavez tickets as early as now. Since this is a Cinco de Mayo special, influx of watchers are expected on the venue. The official venue of the fight has yet to be announced. It is most likely expected to be held at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas or Arlington, Texas. For further updates, stay tuned on this site.

Canelo vs Chavez tickets

The fight may be tagged as “Battle of Mexico” because the two fighters are Mexicans and are both ready outshine one another. Previous negotiations were always denied because of weight issues however, both parties now agreed to a 164.5 catch weight. It has also been agreed that a huge monetary penalty will be issued should Chavez come with above the weight limit.

On February Chavez will start his training at Otomi Ceremonial Center in Mexico. Angel Heredia is Chavez’s conditioning coach. He aims to improve on Chavez’s strength. Chavez, Heredia and the rest of the team will be living on the same roof at the mountains of Mexico. The elevated height of the place will be a great help for Chavez’s physical training.

According to Heredia, he and the team would be focusing on Chavez’s weight. His food especially calorie intake would be closely monitored. Plus, speed is also a big factor that they need to work on. Once Chavez’s strength and speed is already conditioned, it won’t be hard for Chavez to beat Alvarez. Heredia promised that the fans would see a stronger Chavez on May.

Chavez liked the idea of training at Otomi since his father has also used the place for his physical training. Other fighters who trained at Otomi includes Erik Morales, Jose Luis Castillo, and Jorge Arce. Chavez opted for Otomi than Big Bear as his training camp.

Canelo agreed to fight with Chavez because he wants to prove that he is the best Mexican fighter today. Canelo and Chavez are considered rivals in their home country. Of course, only one wants to be named the best. Canelo has also been hearing criticisms from Chavez. The Canelo vs Chavez fight will make a great history in Mexico.

Now hardcore fans for both fighters want to see the fight and witness how one would beat the other. As of today Canelo vs Chavez are not yet available. Most likely, the venue would be selling it like hotcakes so, be updated and check on this page from time to time.

Some fans want to see Chavez bring down Canelo while others want the opposite. For Mexicans fans, others wouldn’t really mind who will win or not. They just feel the need to see fellow Mexicans fight each other.

Canelo vs Chavez Pay Per View

Canelo’s pay-per-view records show a downward trend and the fight against Chavez might bring him up. On November 2015, Canelo vs Miguel Cotto had a huge 900,000 PPV buys. On May 2016, his fight against Aamir Khan earned 600,000 PPVs and 300,000 PPVs against Liam Smith last September. Because of this, other boxing experts don’t believe Canelo’s next fight won’t be as exciting. However, it will be fun to watch two Mexicans fighting.

It has been said that Chavez Jr. is only known now because of his father who was considered a legendary boxer in Mexico. Of course, Chavez Jr. didn’t have much to do to bring his name with a sounding roar. Canelo, on the other hand, has worked his way up for him to be a famous boxer.

Canelo vs Chavez would be a talk of the town especially that it’s a Cinco de Mayo special. These Mexicans are going to break the talks of who’s the king of the ring in Mexico. Pretty sure, every Mexican boxing fan is thrilled about the upcoming fight. Needless to say, this is probably one of the biggest fights in Mexican boxing history.

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Canelo vs Chavez
Canelo vs Chavez